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Month: May 2017

Robert Santiagos Incredible Contribution Of The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall

Robert Santiago is a well-respected and prominent Brazilian businessman. He is well known as the owner of the largest shopping mall in the state of Paraiba. His mall has been ranked as one the biggest malls anywhere in the country. Mr. Santiago is 58 years of age and has fulfilled the dream of setting up an incredibly successful business that will take care of many generations in the future. His […]

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For a longtime now, Texas has known for having a major issue with Traffic. For this reason, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was created. The mobility authority is a multi-modal transportation authority that was formed in the year 2002 to come up with soultions that would alleviate the traffic issue in Texas. That same year, following a consensus between the seven members of the body’s board of members, Mike Heiligenstein […]

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An insight into the life of Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is an entrepreneur specializing in providing healthcare solutions. His passion for helping others led him to develop Foresite Capital, a company seeking to fund viable healthcare facilities so that they can develop and be more profitable. In an interview with IdeaMensch, Jim reveals that the thought of developing Foresite Capital sprouted from his 25 years of investing and working under different healthcare organizations. He says that healthcare inventions […]

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How George Soros Plans To Spread Social Justice

A Billionaire Looks Out For The Least Of Us If there’s one thing that makes George Soros different from others with his level of wealth is his insistence on helping those who have less than him in life. He wants to make it clear that he’s willing to do just about everything he can to bring about a world where people are connected and able to determine their own path […]

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Doing Business With Dr. Reddy

Getting the highest quality dental coverage from MB2 Dental On the road to getting a beautiful smile, you will need to match up with a quality dental professional that can serve you. According to Crunchbase, there are a lot of dentists in your city who can serve you in this regard, but they do not have the credentials and quality standing that you will find with MB2 Dental and Dr. […]

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Jason Hope Moves Businesses Forward

Author Jesse Boskoff’s article for Engadget highlights one of technology’s brightest thinkers. Jason Hope is a futurist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who focuses on how technology can move businesses and humanity forward. In his article, Boskoff outlines Hope’s stance on the Internet of Things, a term for goods that have persistent Internet connections such as Wifi-controlled thermostats or remotely controllable cooking appliances. Hope believes that this trend of Internet-enabled devices will […]

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Finding Relief For Lung Disease at Lung Institute

Taking in and expelling air, a natural function of the body, requires the lungs to properly inhale and exhale. Unfortunately, lung diseases can not only restrict breathing but walking, climbing stairs or any type of activity. Many times, medication will not bring about relief or lung recovery. Fortunately, at the present time it is possible to receive Stem Cell Therapy at the well-known Lung Institute. Working on the premise that […]

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