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Month: August 2018

Gareth Henry sees opportunity in Geopolitical volatility

Investing and geopolitics are not typically spoken about in the same breath, much less the same paragraph. But for Fortress Investment Group executive Gareth Henry, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. He spent his college years studying actuarial mathematics at the University of Edinburgh, graduating in the year 2000. Fresh out of college he worked in management research at Watson Wyatt. A couple years later he worked as […]

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Jeremy Goldstein hosts dinner to fund-raise for the Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein recently hosted a wine dinner at the Nomad Hotel in support of the Fountain House organization where he is a board member. This organization is carrying out an important task of helping the people deal with the issue of mental sickness. The organization recognizes that the number of mental illnesses cases in the world today is so large that there needs an elaborate plan to deal with them. […]

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Eric Lefkofsky’s many philanthropic efforts

Eric Leftkofsky is a serial entrepreneur who has had a career filled with success. The University of Michigan graduate and Chicago native has had his hands in many successful companies over the past 20 years. Eric co-founded Groupon in January of 2008, which went on to generate billions and revolutionize the way people buy things and utilize discounts. In 2005, Leftkofsky also co-founded Echo Global Logistic, a technological company that […]

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The AdSphere Awards That U.S. Money Reserve Received And Why It Can Help Boost Its Reputation

Companies seem to be impelled to do their best to compete, to lead and to find the best solutions for their clients. Learn more about US Money Reserve: And one indicator that seems to show that companies have done their jobs at any point in their operations is when they are given the kind of recognition that not many in their industry are able to get. One of these […]

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