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Month: September 2018

David Mcdonalds Portrays Great Leadership Skills at OSI Group

David McDonald grew up in Lowa, and after graduating with a degree in Animal Science, he began his career at OSI Group, a leading global food processing company. He first worked as a project manager of the company before he became the president. OSI Group, previously known as Otto & Sons grew from a neighborhood butcher shop before it became one of most successful food and meat processing companies in […]

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An Interview with Wes Edens on the Practices which led to His Business Success

The first thing that most people wonder when they meet a successful business person is how they made it to the top and whether there are things that they can also do to make it there. One of the most inspirational business leaders of the current generation is Wes Edens. Wes is the Co-Chief executive officer, Chief Operations Officer for the Fortune Group and also serves as the head of […]

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One Hundred Years Of OSI Group

Not too many companies can say they have been around for an entire century. It takes a lot for a company to be able to deliver to their customers for over one hundred years. But for some reason, OSI Group has managed to become a legendary food production company for the past one hundred years. The story of OSI Group is rooted deep in the story of hard work and […]

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  Commonly known for Guy Code show, Charlamagne & friends and being a radio presenter, Lenard Larry Mckelvey, otherwise known as Charlamagne Tha God expressed his joy after he was mentioned on Eminem records. Charlamagne currently co-hosts The Breakfast Club radio show, and Brilliant Idiots podcast among many other works. Charlamagne is a social media influencer as well.   Charlamagne Tha God responded to the records on during an […]

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OSI Expands it’s Production Facility in Spain

The recent food and consumption trends in Portugal and Spain have shown that there is an increased demand in chicken products. Chicken demand in these places have gone up by more than 8% during the last three years. OSI Group, the industry leader in chicken products, wants to keep its position in the industry and be prepared for the surge in demand. The OSI Group production facility in Spain has […]

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