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Bernardo Chua Zeroes In On Popularizing The Benefits Of Ganoderma Products

Bernardo Chua is an authority in the lucrative direct selling industry. By virtue of understanding the merits of ganoderma in his formative years, the executive has become an advocate for the herb. Over the years, he has spent most of his time educating people about the many benefits that they can derive from using the product. To make the herb marketable, he decided to package it in coffee, tea and other food items.

Chua was inspired to venture into the multi-level marketing business when he was working for Gano Excel Philippines. Under his leadership, the company was able to register many independent representatives and market the ganoderma products across the country. To this end, the entity managed to make huge profits and run as a going concern. Following this success, Chua was promoted to work for Gano Excel USA as the chief executive officer.

When he went to the United States, he had to spend much time enlightening the public about ganoderma. The direct selling business model enabled him to reach many people in the North American market.

Through innovative promotional campaigns, most people started subscribing to the drugs. Bernardo Chua managed to gain the trust of many consumers and distributors.

PR Newswire stated that Bernado Chua ranks as one of the few individuals who have popularized the merits of ganoderma around the planet. The genus poly pore mushroom is highly consumed in China and across the Asian continent. In 2008, Chua saw the need to incorporate Organo Gold.

This company has succeeded in penetrating the international market. After being in operation for five years, Direct Selling News named Organo Gold as the 55th largest company in the globe in terms of direct selling.

The company was incorporated in Canada. This nation is known to maintain tough laws on how businesses should operate and manufacture different products. The company’s products are tested before they are distributed.

To date, the entity boasts of more than one million distributors, who are spread across the globe. The entrepreneur is the recipient of the renowned Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry. He has also been honored with the “Direct Sales Company of the Year Award” on five different occasions. Bernardo communicates with his fans through his twitter account.

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