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David Mcdonalds Portrays Great Leadership Skills at OSI Group

David McDonald grew up in Lowa, and after graduating with a degree in Animal Science, he began his career at OSI Group, a leading global food processing company. He first worked as a project manager of the company before he became the president. OSI Group, previously known as Otto & Sons grew from a neighborhood butcher shop before it became one of most successful food and meat processing companies in […]

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One Hundred Years Of OSI Group

Not too many companies can say they have been around for an entire century. It takes a lot for a company to be able to deliver to their customers for over one hundred years. But for some reason, OSI Group has managed to become a legendary food production company for the past one hundred years. The story of OSI Group is rooted deep in the story of hard work and […]

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OSI Expands it’s Production Facility in Spain

The recent food and consumption trends in Portugal and Spain have shown that there is an increased demand in chicken products. Chicken demand in these places have gone up by more than 8% during the last three years. OSI Group, the industry leader in chicken products, wants to keep its position in the industry and be prepared for the surge in demand. The OSI Group production facility in Spain has […]

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Shiraz Boghani is doing wonders at Splendid Hospitality Group

The Asian Business Community recognized Shiraz Boghani for his dedication towards the management of Splendid Hospitality Group. He won the title of the hotelier of the year for being prominent in the hotel business. He has been in the hotel management business for the last three decades, and this means he has acquired unmatched experience and skills to run the company successfully. He is always determined to make his goals […]

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Career Life of Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi has had a competitive career in the field of investment. He is among the most influential investors and through the Kerrisdale firm, he has helped many entrepreneurs identify fraudulent firms. He has mastered a vast number of facets of investments over the course of his career including capital markets, equities, and investments funds among many others. Being a seasoned professional, the renowned investor has gained a lot of, […]

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Shervin Pishevar is a man who has been very radiant when it comes to making investments and openly talking about things that might concern other people’s economic ventures. He’s associated with companies such as Hyperloop One and Investment company . He co-founded and directed the latter which was a venture capital fund that has made investments in companies such as Uber, Munchery, and Airbnb. He also chaired Hyperloop One in […]

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Eric Lefkofsky’s many philanthropic efforts

Eric Leftkofsky is a serial entrepreneur who has had a career filled with success. The University of Michigan graduate and Chicago native has had his hands in many successful companies over the past 20 years. Eric co-founded Groupon in January of 2008, which went on to generate billions and revolutionize the way people buy things and utilize discounts. In 2005, Leftkofsky also co-founded Echo Global Logistic, a technological company that […]

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Interview About His Career And Home Life

Successful entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky recently sat down for an interview talk about his busy life and what makes him tick. The Chief Executive Officer starts his day super early in the morning. In fact, when 5am rolls around Eric is up and running. Some days he works out before work, but mainly gets to the office by 6am, which is quite early. The day is efficient, fast, and ends at […]

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Todd Lubar  Years of Experience in the Real Estate Market

Todd Lubar has emerged as one of the most successful real estate investor and financial analysts in the real estate industry. Over the years, Todd Lubar has achieved a lot in the industry that has made him a well-known name in the real estate circles. He did his initial schooling in Washington and went on to complete his graduation in speech communication from the Syracuse University. After graduation, Todd Lubar […]

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