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Dr. David Samadi Saves Lives and Functionality

Prostate cancer is a terrifying diagnosis for anyone, but luckily Dr. David Samadi and his team at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York have one of the best track records for success in the nation. Dr. David Samadi is a board-certified physician who specializes in treating prostate cancer using robotic-assisted surgery techniques. In fact, the award-winning doctor even created his own technique known as the SMART system that implements the […]

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Dr. David Samadi’s take on prostate cancer

The first decision every patient who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer has to make is whether to go with surgery or radiation. Dr. David Samadi says every good oncologist should discuss extensively with their clients about the advantages and the disadvantages of both procedures. Though the choice of the procedure to be done lies squarely with the patient, it is his or her doctor’s duty to provide the patient […]

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