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Charlamagne Tha God Pulls No Punches

When it comes to the game of rap, few are as opinionated as Charlamagne Tha God. Various news outlets recently asked the rap superstar about his thoughts on the upcoming, and very much anticipated, release from Lil Wayne, known as “Tha Carter V.”

While Charlamagne Tha God thinks that Lil Wayne is definitely the best of all time when it comes to dropping truth bombs from the hood, he stated that there is no way he could consider the latest from Weezy as the best album of the year.

He even went so far as to publicly mock the album on the radio show, “The Breakfast Club”, by making of the flow of the record that Lil Wayne dropped, complete with made-up lyrics. he thinks the worst of the bunch is the song in which Lil Wayne collaborated with British sensation Travis Scott. The song is called “Let It Fly” and it for sure was the target of much criticism from the young Charlamagne Tha God. See This Article for additional information about Charlamagne..

Since his initial rant, however, Charlamagne Tha God has had a bit more time to fully take in the new album. His opinion seems to have softened slightly, although not much, about the release as he later stated that it is a “good” album but definitely in the realm of a “whack” album, as so many Lil Wayne fans had hailed it as upon its release.

All that can be said is that at least there is no personal or professional beef between the two. Charlamagne Tha God stated that his views were just that, HIS views and that he refused to go back and forth with people on Twitter or any other social media platform about Charlamagne’s views on the album or any other subject matter.


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