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Daniel Taubs Leaves ‘Golden Era” Legacy

The Algemeiner is a US-based Jewish Newspaper setting trends, breaking international stories, and providing analyses for their global audience. The Algemeiner reported on the legacy that Daniel Taub, former Israeli Ambassador, has left for UK and Israel relations after working four years as an Ambassador for Israel.

Taub has made significant develops in academic, business, and cultural aspects between the two countries, with most notably that the total trade has been doubled.

Sajid Javid, the British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation, and Skills stated approximately $7 Billion annual bi-lateral trade has occurred in which 300+ Israeli businesses have been established in the UK.

Daniel Taub was born in Britain and actively practiced as an Orthodox Jew before rescinding his citizenship to return to Israel.

Taub became Ambassador in 2011, where he frequently toured and worked as a peace negotiator with the mission of having Israel be better understood and continuously develop relationships amongst countries. Israel needed to be part of the dialogue, with respect to personal opinions.

Taub had even traveled to Bradford after the city’s representative had declared their city an “Israeli-free zone.” Taub’s legacy has been named the “golden area” and his successor had still not been known in The Algemeiner’s June 2015 article.

Daniel Taub remains an a top Diplomat for Israel, an international lawyer, and even creator of a HeChatzer, a drama series.

Taub’s research and writings have been published in varying media platforms providing a humorous, political, and insightful perspective. Taub speaks at lectures regarding international law, negotiation theory, and as a speechwriter. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Taub and his family are well-received by the Jewish Community as long time advocates for Israel. Though he worked as solely for Israel and not specifically any religion, he had made significant developments and created opportunities for a country who is closely tied to the Jewish Community.

Taub has returned to London feeling comfortable as ever as a practicing Orthodox Jew. Never having been questioned about his attire, he states the contrary has happened and opportunities have been created by building bridges in any gaps.

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