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David Mcdonalds Portrays Great Leadership Skills at OSI Group

David McDonald grew up in Lowa, and after graduating with a degree in Animal Science, he began his career at OSI Group, a leading global food processing company. He first worked as a project manager of the company before he became the president. OSI Group, previously known as Otto & Sons grew from a neighborhood butcher shop before it became one of most successful food and meat processing companies in the world. McDonald has worked with the company for more than 30 years and together with other leaders, he has led it to tremendous growth and success of OSI Group.

David McDonald has been working hard towards maintaining a robust logistic team to adapt to the evolving global market. During McDonald’s tenure, OSI Group has managed to carry out several strategic acquisitions, and these include Acquisition of Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a Dutch company that specializes in the processing of deli meat among others foods. The company has also established about 10 Chinese processing plant that specializes in poultry products. David McDonalds has shown his tremendous leadership skills at OSI Group, and only the best can be expected from him going forward.


When he was asked of the things that inspired him to start a business, he said that since his college era, he had a passion for biology and agriculture and thus majored in animal science. He also said that he was lucky to join OSI Group right after graduating from college. According to him, OSI Group became profitable at early stages, and for the three decades he has been working for the company, it has constantly been growing to greater heights. David McDonald says that OSI’s vision is very clear and precise; to meet and exceed customer’s expectation, and there is no way he could have doubted their ability to fulfill this vision.


When David McDonald was asked how he managed to get his first customer, he explained that the availability of high-quality standards and team spirit not only attracts new clients but also keeps the current ones coming back. To him, embracing local culture helps them to meet customers’ needs and also generate new businesses because their products and services are highly welcomed. David says that his success in his role as the president of OSI Group is strengthened by the fact that the company is capable of creating valuable partnerships that promote smooth operation of the company in different geographical areas. One of the most satisfying moments that David McDonalds enjoys in business is when the company establishes a new facility because it is like receiving a reward after risking a large investment.

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