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Dr. David Samadi Saves Lives and Functionality

Prostate cancer is a terrifying diagnosis for anyone, but luckily Dr. David Samadi and his team at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York have one of the best track records for success in the nation. Dr. David Samadi is a board-certified physician who specializes in treating prostate cancer using robotic-assisted surgery techniques. In fact, the award-winning doctor even created his own technique known as the SMART system that implements the da Vinci surgical process. This system minimizes the risk of many side effects that leave men wary of choosing surgery over radiation when they receive the diagnosis of prostate cancer. This is done by separating the nerves from the rest of the tissue before the surgery to make sure they remain intact thus reducing the chances of erectile dysfunction and loss of bladder control.

With over 7,000 prostate surgeries under his belt and decades of experience, it’s easy to see why Fox News hired him as a consultant and medical expert. Every Sunday he is featured on their Housecall segment and afterward can be found on his website, DrSamadiTV answering questions and giving medical advice to his viewers. This website also features a plethora of other health-related content such as blogs and videos of his television segments.

Born in Iran, Dr. David Samadi immigrated to the United States with his younger brother after attending school in London and Belgium. His excellence was seen at an early age as even in high school he had earned his place on the honor roll and as the president of his high school class in Roslyn, New York. After receiving his high school diploma, Dr. David Samadi attended undergraduate school at Stony Brook University where he also earned his medical degree through their medical school. To ensure he had the proper knowledge of his craft, he completed two fellowships in proctology and robotic-assisted prostatectomies.

The member of the American Medical Association and American Urological Association has won many awards and recognitions throughout his years as a surgeon. From 2008 to 2013 he was named as one of America’s Top Doctors and is one of the most sought-after prostate surgeons in the New York area.


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