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Drew Madden: Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare

If you haven’t heard of Evergreen Healthcare, it is an information technology company that prides themselves on their ability to deliver best in class healthcare information technology solutions to small and mid-market companies, alike. The leadership team at Evergreen Healthcare is comprised of some of the most accomplished businessmen in the healthcare space, including Drew Madden who serves as one of the company’s managing partners. Madden is a businessman who shares in Evergreen Healthcare’s vision, which is to leverage the power of technology to help even the playing field for all businesses in the healthcare sector. The end-goal, according to Madden, is to make it easier for small businesses to compete with larger corporations.

Drew Madden believes that innovation and technology can work in congruence to achieve a common goal, which is to remain profitable while delivering the best healthcare experience to patients. Obviously, this is a sentiment shared by Madden’s business partners, which includes Rebecca Bottorf, Aaron Friedman, and Jeff Leach. Collectively, the team at Evergreen Healthcare have worked diligently to develop and market healthcare information technology solutions, along with implementation/advisory services, to a number of healthcare clients.

As far as Madden’s educational background is concerned, he is a University of Iowa alumnus who earned a BSE in Industrial Engineering in 2002, and after completing his education, joined Cerner Corporation where he served as the company’s Integration Consultant. In 2006, after severing ties with the Cerner Corporation, Madden joined Ingenix, a healthcare consulting firm. In his role with Ingenix, he was responsible for developing inpatient application for healthcare facilities throughout the Midwest.

By 2011, Madden made the conscious decision to broaden his career horizons, which later led to him accepting the role of Vice president of Nordic Consulting Partners, a healthcare advisory firm. In this role, he was entrusted with overseeing many of the firm’s day-to-day operations including business development, consulting operations, and a bevy of other critical business processes. While with Nordic Consulting Partners, Madden played a pivotal role in growing the company’s workforce. In fact, under his leadership, the company’s workforce grew from a mere 10 to 700 employees, and while this is impressive in its own right, he also helped grow the company’s business portfolio simultaneously, going from 3 client partners to more than 150.

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