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Eric Lefkofsky’s Interview About His Career And Home Life

Successful entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky recently sat down for an interview talk about his busy life and what makes him tick. The Chief Executive Officer starts his day super early in the morning. In fact, when 5am rolls around Eric is up and running. Some days he works out before work, but mainly gets to the office by 6am, which is quite early. The day is efficient, fast, and ends at 6pm. After 12 hours of work Mr. Lefkofsky is ready to end the day and relax.

How does the successful businessman separate family life and work life? It was easier before he says, but with time and growing businesses it’s hard to completely stop working at the end of the day. Eric Lefkofsky has made it in the business world quite well. One of the first splurges he invested in was a game changer for him. It was flying  private airplane and he absolutely loves it. He calls it life changing. When asked if he ever sees slowing down Eric would like to some day to travel.

Mr. Lefkofsky has succeeded in business and shares some of his strongest qualities. First he is quite driven as an individual. He also tries to stay pretty logical and does not give up. There are good qualities to have if someone were to become a expert business person. He also keeps his business life separate from his private life. With a wife and three kids, a huge career life can get crazy. He tries to spend quality time with his family and takes a break from his work. It actually helps his career to unwind and relax so he will be refreshed when he goes into the office. When asked what he does first thing in the morning and night Eric Lefkofsky stretches every morning. When it comes to nighttime he diligently puts children to bed. This happens every single night and then falls asleep himself. With a very busy schedule it’s no wonder he falls asleep so quickly. When asked what was his last meal he said macaroni and cheese. It makes sense for the busy professional because it’s fast, easy, and delicious to eat.

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