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Eric Lefkofsky’s many philanthropic efforts

Eric Leftkofsky is a serial entrepreneur who has had a career filled with success. The University of Michigan graduate and Chicago native has had his hands in many successful companies over the past 20 years. Eric co-founded Groupon in January of 2008, which went on to generate billions and revolutionize the way people buy things and utilize discounts. In 2005, Leftkofsky also co-founded Echo Global Logistic, a technological company that uses data and technology to create a more efficient logistical network. Later when Eric Leftkofsky decided to establish Tempus, he already had acquired enough capital to allow him the freedom not to depend on outside funding. Tempus is a technology company that is fighting cancer using data as ammunition.
Eric Leftkofsy is also a philanthropist, who knows through education all things are possible. People when given opportunities can achieve great things. Mr. Lefkofsky has established many philanthropic programs geared towards educational opportunities, cultural development and exposure, healthcare related and human rights. In 2006, Eric and his wife Liz Lefkofsky created a charitable program they called the Lefkofsky Family Foundation (LFF). FFF is a not for profit organization that creates many educational related programs as well as cultural initiatives and also plays a role in ensuring the human rights of individuals in underserved communities are not violated.
Eric Lefkofsky is also responsible for the extremely popular After School Matters (ASM). ASM is a high school program that provides opportunities to expose Chicago Public School children to various programs that are designed to help them develop critical skills. ASM provides and creates many project related opportunities and has helped over 200,000 teenagers in the Chicago area.

Eric also creates the Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL). The AUSL is a philanthropic organization created by Eric that focuses on improvement solutions for underperforming educational institutions. AUSL creates different programs that provide training opportunities for educators to help improve their ability to educate and improve the overall performance of the school.

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