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Fabletics is a World-Class Dealer in Trendy Sportswear

Kate Hudson is an entrepreneur, actor, fashion icon, and an inspiration to many fashion lovers. She is the founder of Fabletics, an e-commerce business retailer that sells women’s sportswear and other accessories. This business operates out of EI Segundo, California. Kate began this brand with the help of his friends cum business associates, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Fabletics is a brand under JustFab, a company owned by Ressler and Goldenberg. This company was founded in July 2013, and it has since grown into the country’s leading fashion warehouse for leisure and athletic clothing.


Fabletics’ application of the reverse showroom technique


Fabletics is worth more than $250 million. Despite being the top company in distribution of fashionable sportswear, this company adopted the reverse showroom technique to increase its sales. The reverse showroom is a business strategy that involves clients visiting the several online stores to conduct research about a product with the aim of buying it at low cost. Purchases are then made through a firm that was thought to reduce the price at its brick-and-mortar stores. These brick-and-mortar stores were a success when they were launched across the country. Despite most people thinking it was unusual, companies such as Amazon demonstrated that this business move was profitable. Fabletics plans to open more physical stores in the coming years.


Fabletics reviews by a Foodie Stays Fit


Fabletics is a monthly subscription that operates on a monthly membership structure. This brand has two forms of associations, which include the VIP and regular groups. The membership fee is $25, and members are entitled to get discounted prices on items. The advantage of the VIP group is that one gets curated outfits on a monthly basis. New members are required to take a survey of the types of outfits they prefer so that each month, the brand picks attires for them. A blogger and a loyal customer reviewed Fabletics regarding its quality, value, price, ease of navigating the website, and customer service. Below are her thoughts about the brand.


  1. Quality of the product


Fabletics products are considered to be of high quality. This brand’s leggings are thick and have great compression. They make one’s legs, and booty looks good, and they do not fade. The tops are also of high quality and have a soft material.


  1. Styles available


Fabletics styles and designs range from simple tank tops with solid colors to sophisticated ones with bold patterns, sheer fabrics, cutouts. This company produces styles that everyone likes.


  1. Affordability


Its products are also affordable, with price ranging from $40 to $90. Some of the expensive products are outfits like Beyond Yoga, Splits 59, and Lululemon. Tank tops cost about $50 while sports bras are very affordable.


  1. Ease of website navigation


Fabletics’ website is easier to navigate and is well structured for people to use. It has icons whereby one can factor in things like availability of the product, sizing, and shipping.


  1. Fabletics’ customer relations


Their customer service is fantastic. This company is always ready to deal with issues raised by their clients and respond to queries promptly. With Fabletics, you can be sure to get quality and affordable items.

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