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Finding Relief For Lung Disease at Lung Institute

Taking in and expelling air, a natural function of the body, requires the lungs to properly inhale and exhale. Unfortunately, lung diseases can not only restrict breathing but walking, climbing stairs or any type of activity.

Many times, medication will not bring about relief or lung recovery. Fortunately, at the present time it is possible to receive Stem Cell Therapy at the well-known Lung Institute. Working on the premise that stem cells, the body’s building blocks, can help regenerate other tissues in the body, this unique type of treatment has worked well on lung diseases.

At the Lung Institute, stem cells are harvested from the patient using two methods. These are the Venous Stem Cell Procedure and the Bone Marrow Stem Cell Procedure. These cells, when returned to the body, work to regenerate the damaged lung tissue.

In the Venous Stem Cell Procedure, blood is removed from a vein, the stem cells harvested and the blood returned to the body. This is done in one day.

The Bone Marrow Stem Cell Procedure requires two days. On the first day a small amount of bone marrow fluid is removed and on the second day the venous procedure is used. With both methods, stem cells are harvested, processed, separated and returned to the patient intravenously.

The Lung Institute, a leading lung treatment center, consists of outstanding doctors and technicians who are devoted to providing care for patients suffering from various pulmonary conditions. In addition, each patient is accessed and treated individually in accordance with their mission to provide affordable and quality care to relieve their specific condition.

Not all lung diseases are the same. The Lung Institute carefully screens each patient to determine the problem and apply the proper treatment, Regenerative medicine, using stem cell therapies, has proven to be beneficial for their many patients who are now able to breathe normally and enjoy life.

Lung Institute clinics are available in the Baylor College of Medicine in Florida, Tennessee, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Texas.

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