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Focus On Kate Hudson and Fabletics’ Technique of Leveraging the Power of the Crowd

A large number of successful brands are influencing the power of the crowd. This refers to the power associated with useful user generated reviews by consumers. In this internet-age, these user generated reviews have become prevalent and influence modern consumers in a great way. Any person can go online and get reviews of any company they are interested. This way they will be able to get useful information about it. This has become a growing trend and savvy consumers have made a habit of always looking into consumer reviews before making their final decision on making a purchase. About 50% of all modern consumers admitted that they check out online reviews at least once every month. Modern consumers trust online reviews a lot going by the results from a recent survey where 84% of the respondents stated they trust them just like they would a recommendation from a familiar person.


Impact of user Generated Reviews on Fabletics


User generated reviews have proved useful to businesses. In the case of Fabletics, these user generated reviews have been invaluable as the company has experienced a growth of more than 200% since it started. This has seen Fabletics post revenue of more than $235 million and one million actively paying members. Shawn Gold, the head of marketing at Fabletics’ parent company, stated that the immense success enjoyed by the brand was down to its leveraging of the power of the crowd. Smart companies have embraced this technique and about 75% of all top brands are leveraging this option. Fabletics is a perfect illustration of just how much revenue a company can stand to make if it leverages the power of the crowd effectively.


Benefits of Positive Reviews


When a business gets lots of positive reviews, it generates loyalty and trust from its customers. When prospective consumers read positive reviews about a certain brand, they tend to trust it fast and are more than likely to place an order. Positive reviews increase consumer loyalty among the existing customers and they will most likely buy again. The number of positive reviews a business has increases the number of its repeat customers. Positive reviews help in increasing online traffic to a particular brand leading to high rankings.


Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson is a famous American actress who also supports the model adopted by Fabletics. Kate Hudson was approached by the two entrepreneurs who started Fabletics, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The duo were looking for a face to market their athleisure wear and Kate Hudson fitted the bill completely. The famous actress got involved with the brand from the very beginning. Kate helped in overseeing the growth of the company and in choosing marketing strategies that would spur more growth.


Kate Hudson also helped the brand by ensuring that clear communication existed between itself and the customers. The actress appreciated the fact that maintaining clear communication lines with customers is instrumental in ensuring they are satisfied with the services and work quality provided. Consumers shopping at Fabletics ought to take part in a lifestyle quiz in order to have the most suitable products suggested to them.

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