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French Wine Guide From The Experts

There are a few things that are must-knows when it comes to wine. Wine experts UKV PLC have quick tips for the novice and the connoisseur, alike. The nature of wine production and labeling is more about the location of where the wine is made more so than the types of grapes used. According to United Kingdom Vintners PLC, this is the fundamental part that should be understood.

Instead of solely being dependent on the type of grape fine wines are dependent on the location where the grape was harvested. These locals have different soils, topology, altitudes, climates, and production processes. So wine produced in Burgundy would be inherently different than wine produced in Bordeaux.

Even Champagne may not be called Champagne unless it was produced in Champagne, France. If not, it is known as sparkling wine. Although this sounds like a proud-of-my-region type of thing but it is actually a government regulated classification system.

About United Kingdom Vintners PLC

Who are these experts with great tips, you ask? Well, UKV PLC is a privately run company who procures investment grade luxury fine wine and champagne. They are not limited, nor tied to, a single supply chain. Their ultimate business comes from the acquisition, supply, and sale of bonded fine wine and Champagne. Guiding consumers and investors to the best wines for any occasion or wine investment is their mission. There small team of experienced fine wine consultants are passionate about bringing together the pleasurable wine and people.

There you can contact them or read up on immensely informative resources regarding fine wines. You can tell that UKV PLC are very social and active by visiting their pages.

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