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Greg Finch – Famous Orthopedic Surgeon

Oncotarget is a popular medical journal online that has been expanding both its thematic and its audience over the past couple of years. The Oncotarget journal used to be dedicated solely to the research done in the fields of cancer. It is published by Impact Journals and has been going on for seven years starting 2010 when it made the first publication online.

Russian Dr. Mikhail V. Blagosklonny is one of the two medical experts that are editors in chief of the medical journal of Oncotarget. The other editor on chief is Dr. Andrei V. Gudkov. Both of them work together at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Dr. Mikhail V. Blagosklonny has dedicated his medical and scientific career to research the many types of cancer as well as studying the process of aging. He has been looking for ways to reverse it or at least make it slower. Dr. Andrei V. Gudkov has also been doing research of cancer. Some of his other fields of research are molecular biology and genetics. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

One of the latest additions to the medical journal of Oncotarget is Dr. Gregory Finch. He is an Australian orthopedic surgeon who has been hugely involved in his work. Dr. Gregory Finch studied at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Dr. Gregory Finch is also interested in spinal surgery as well. He has received training in the area from some of the leading experts in the field. Dr. Gregory Finch has worked for a a large number of medical institutions in Australia as well as in England and the united kingdom. He has had a private practice as well and has been working towards furthering hs training in spinal surgery. Currently the Australian orthopedic surgeon is a valuable member of the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service. His experience is over 20 years. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.

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  1. I still find it most unbelievable that the best orthopedic in our medicine as we know it hardly could reach the primitive ones. In the thesis, writing essays highlights some of the skills that we lost with the new era of medicine that limited to invasive techniques. There seemed to be some basic ideas that were learned and followed as well that offered real miraculous healing.