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How George Soros Plans To Spread Social Justice

A Billionaire Looks Out For The Least Of Us

If there’s one thing that makes George Soros different from others with his level of wealth is his insistence on helping those who have less than him in life. He wants to make it clear that he’s willing to do just about everything he can to bring about a world where people are connected and able to determine their own path in life. He’s willing to spend as much of his hard earned fortune as he needs to in order to make sure this occurs. Social justice isn’t an easy thing to bring about, but with minds like his at work it just might happen. Learn more about George at Biography.

The Agenda He Has Pursued

The center of the Soros agenda revolves around improving globalism and giving people around the world better access to new opportunities. Much of this is done through the Open Society Foundation. For years, the Open Society Foundation has focused on trying to bring about equality around the world to create a world without borders and without hierarchy. His efforts to do so have led to many conservatives attacking him and accusing him of enacting some plot for world domination, but those claims are easily dismissed. George Soros has not attempted to destroy free markets or perform any of the things he is accused of.

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Where Things Are Going

George Soros is currently focused on doing just about everything he can to enact an agenda that favors social progress. One example of this is his focus on prison reform and giving inmates a second chance in life. He understands that much pf what leads to controversy in the United States is due to the issues lying in the justice system. In order to give people a fighting chance he does everything he can to improve the justice system.

What He Wants In The Future

The Left isn’t exactly having the best time right now. The Right scored major victories in 2016 and it seems as if they will find a way to compound on them in 2018. In order to help the Left he wants to do everything he can to spearhead a movement towards an entirely new direction for progressives and to stand up to the new conservative movements.

About George Soros

As the world’s most success hedge fund manager, George Soros continues to make headlines for his ability to predict market conditions and to invest accordingly. Although he has made a fortune worth tens of billions he does not hoard his wealth. Instead he does everything he can to make sure that the world becomes a more global and egalitarian place. Visit to know more about George.

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