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Jason Hope Moves Businesses Forward

Author Jesse Boskoff’s article for Engadget highlights one of technology’s brightest thinkers. Jason Hope is a futurist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who focuses on how technology can move businesses and humanity forward. In his article, Boskoff outlines Hope’s stance on the Internet of Things, a term for goods that have persistent Internet connections such as Wifi-controlled thermostats or remotely controllable cooking appliances. Hope believes that this trend of Internet-enabled devices will push society forward.

His authorship for website outlines some examples of how the Internet of Things can move businesses forward. He has made several predictions over his career of the potential for the Internet of Things. Hope is available as a business consultant and with his eye towards the future and innovative outlook on technology he is an asset to any company looking to stay ahead of the times. Hope brings with him an impressive resume. Hope is an Arizona native who attended Arizona State University for both his degree in finance and his MBA. With those credentials as well as expertise in technology and familiarity with digital applications and their uses in the business world, Jason Hope has made a name for himself. He helps the business community as a whole through his philanthropy and grant programs. Hope’s grants are available to intrepid, creative individuals that have ideas to innovate and push towards the future. Hope is a leader among futurists in the world of business.

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