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Jeremy Goldstein hosts dinner to fund-raise for the Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein recently hosted a wine dinner at the Nomad Hotel in support of the Fountain House organization where he is a board member. This organization is carrying out an important task of helping the people deal with the issue of mental sickness. The organization recognizes that the number of mental illnesses cases in the world today is so large that there needs an elaborate plan to deal with them. About 450 million people suffer from mental-related illnesses. Jeremy Goldstein as a board member want to see the operations of this organization go global and help as many people as possible.




Jeremy Goldstein has taken various initiatives to support this organization. One of the moves he made recently was to host a fundraiser in support of the program. The fundraiser was held as part of dinner where the guests were required to part ways with #3,700. During the winner, Jeremy Goldstein who is known for his love for wine treated the guest to high-quality Chateau Latour vintage wines brewed between 1929 and 1990. Jeremy Goldstein has been a great fan of wines. He is known for his prowess in getting bet tasting wines. He also knows how to mix various flavors to arrive at unique tastes which cannot be found anywhere else.




About Jeremy Goldstein.




Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer. He holds a law degree from the New York University and an arts degree from Cornell University. Currently, he has a boutique law firm in New York known as Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. His main role as a lawyer is to offer support on matters of compensation. He works with corporate leaders and executives to help them design compensation plans that will serve the interests of their organizations well. Jeremy Goldstein has assisted some top corporations in the world come up with compensation plans that will work for such large-scale organizations.


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