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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi; Whats Next For Bradesco Bank

Luiz Carlos Bradesco Cappi leaves a significant mark on the Brazilian Banking scene. Luiz is one of the best CEOs the Brazilian banking scene has seen in the recent day. He’s set to be succeeded by Octavio De Lazari, the current president of Bradesco Seguros.

Bradesco has seen a wide range of sweeping changes accompanied with remarkable performance under the stewardship of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Change is inevitable. So, even Bradesco has to come to terms with the demands of adapting to change dynamics, while keeping the focus on growth and profitability. With an asset base of over R $ 1.3 trillion, the bank is set for greater times.

12th March 2018; the date for the anticipated Changeover

Mr. Octavio De Lazari is the current vice president and president of Bradesco Seguros. The selection of Octavio was made public on 5, Feb 2018. Well, there is an established selection and nomination procedure binding the whole succession process. Once the process is almost complete, there is a Succession and nomination committee charged with the ultimate responsibility of endorsing the right candidate to take over. Octavio’s selection and subsequent endorsement are not exactly surprising to most observers and critiques. Meanwhile, Trabuco Cappi will go on as the chairman of the board of directors until the initial meeting of the board has been held following the OGM set to be held on 12th of March.

About Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

However, with such a solid set of values and tradition, one can only imagine that Octavio will sail the ship to the docks without much ado. Mr. Trabuco joined Bradesco soon after he completed his studies. He holds a master degree in sociology among other academic qualifications. He went to Sao Paulo University where he got his Bachelor’s degree.

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Where is Bradesco headed?

According to newsletter Economy, a well-known publication that delves into financial markets, the expectation of the general public by 16th January was that the next CEO would be unveiled in an independent process. The fact that Bradesco included the names of those seeking the best price also signals you to the competitive nature of the animal.

Anxious Moments

It is important to stay cognizant of the reality of the moments. One cannot stay connected with the values offshore. The process of selecting the next CEO starts with arraigning some applicants. In this case, all vice presidents of Bradesco were part of the team. Octavio De Lazaro managed to beat an impressive group of applicants. Some of the executive vice presidents who were lined up for consideration for the position included Mauricio Minas, Alexandre Gluher, and Jose Pancini among others.

Where the Party Began at Bradesco

Mr. Carlos Trabuco Cappi was selected the CEO of Bradesco in a tight selection process too. He landed the job after an impressive career with the bank; starting from his early years soon after he graduated from college. Mr. Trabuco will be remembered for his uncompromising stand on the importance of a friendly environment for clients. He was applauded for increasing the number of account holders with Bradesco in massive proportion. He also made it a tradition to handle customers with a human touch. Bradesco became Brazil’s second best bank under his stewardship.


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