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Matt Badiali Advocates for Freedom Checks, Introducing the Public to MLPs

Matt Badiali is an accomplished investor, with specific expertise in the realm of natural resources. In fact, Badiali is so successful that he is able to give actionable advice to other investors to aid them in making great returns. Most of this advice he gives out in two newsletters that he writes for Banyan Hill Publishing, but for one particular investment he decided to tell the general public. This investment is what he calls Freedom Checks.

The freedom checks videos have a wide circulation, and so far they have caused many to research the investment online. They have also researched Badiali as well. What they have discovered is that Badiali is the real deal, and freedom checks is a legitimate investment. Basically, what you are buying is an MLP stake. This is what is known as a master limited policy. MLP’s are tradeable commodities akin to stock, they offer no actual controlling interest, but generate capital in return for a percentage. By investing in these stakes a person is eligible for a monthly to quarterly payout from said company. These are the freedom checks Badiali offers.

The investment goes a little deeper however, because each MLP company has to follow a specific tax statute. The companies, which deal primarily in the production of natural gas and oil, can operate as tax free institutions as long as 90% of their revenue is paid out to investors. This is why Badiali refers to the investment as, “the biggest cash grab in history”. Stakes can be purchased for a minimal amount, some even as low as ten dollars, but the payout can be significantly higher. Major returns for small investments. The checks are simply return of capital payments that the companies make to meet the tax statute. This allows both investor and company to profit from the purchase of the stake.

So Matt Badiali is a reliable source and his investment is a real investment. This is what people are finding out about signing up for a freedom check. The opportunity is available to anyone of any age, all that is required is the purchase of a stake.

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