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Mike Baur Understands The Digital Business World

One of the most common topics of discussion in the business world is the difference between the brick and mortar business world and the digital business world. While both sides of the business world have many benefits, the digital world has come about to give benefits that can be recognized in collaboration with brick and mortar business operations. However, the digital side can be used separately from the brick and mortar part of companies.


There are many companies that have brick and mortar locations, but the companies use the locations along with the digital presence on the Internet. This allows the companies to enjoy the best of both worlds. People can conduct business with the companies either in person or online. Many of the companies have a digital presence that is on par with the physical locations. This gives people online the same opportunities as the people who visit the companies.


Many entrepreneurs are looking at starting companies that focus entirely or almost entirely on digital companies. There are numerous reasons why digital companies are popular today regarding entrepreneurs. One of the main reasons is that digital companies allow entrepreneurs to operate the companies without many of the necessary aspects of a brick and mortar companies.


Although digital companies are a popular trend, one of the things that many digital entrepreneurs realize is that digital companies are different than brick and mortar companies. What works well in a brick and mortar company may not work as well with a digital company. One of the biggest differences involves attracting customers. Digital companies depend a lot on the Internet to drive traffic to company websites. While this is just one aspect, it is a very important aspect.


Many digital entrepreneurs look to experts in the digital business field to help them start and operate digital companies. Mike Baur is an expert in the digital business field who helps business people start digital companies. Mike Baur is one of the partners who helped to start the Swiss Startup Factory, which is a company that helps digital entrepreneurs.


Mike Baur is a core component of the Swiss Startup Factory. With over two decades of business experience that includes a vast amount of experience in the private banking industry, Mike Baur gives the clients of the Swiss Startup Factory help in various ways concerning digital companies. Mike Baur helps to give clients training, consulting, and mentorship.


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