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One Hundred Years Of OSI Group

Not too many companies can say they have been around for an entire century. It takes a lot for a company to be able to deliver to their customers for over one hundred years. But for some reason, OSI Group has managed to become a legendary food production company for the past one hundred years.

The story of OSI Group is rooted deep in the story of hard work and determination. The company was started by an immigrant. At the time, many people from Europe were coming to the United States to start a new life. After the immigrant had made it to America, he spent two years here getting settled before he decided to start up a small business. He wanted to open a meat market in his local immigrant community in Chicago, Illinois. The community took a liking to this meat market. More than that, this family ran small business proved how America could offer people a new start.

The small meat market got the name Otto & Sons when the founder’s sons took over. This new generation was able to get partnerships for their father’s small meat market. The sons were able to land a contract with McDonald’s. At the time, McDonald’s was just starting up and seeking a food supplier. The franchise business model had just been born in America. It was a risky move for Otto& Sons as this new restaurant and the new business model had not yet been proven to be success.

But the sons were able to make this a successful partnership, which has led to a century of expansion and success. They were able to produce a consistent beef patty that kept customers coming back to the restaurant chain. This company supplied meats to many of the midwestern McDonald’s. Due to the expansion of the restaurant chain, this family ran business had to bring on my leadership, receive more funding and start opening more facilities.

OSI Group is the fundamental story of how someone with a dream can become a reality. This food production company proves how a company can have staying power with a great product. OSI Group will continue to take over the food industry due to their new facilities opening, great customer service, upholding the orals and principles that got the company started and adding more great tasting products to their lineup of meat and non meat products.

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