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OSI Expands it’s Production Facility in Spain

The recent food and consumption trends in Portugal and Spain have shown that there is an increased demand in chicken products. Chicken demand in these places have gone up by more than 8% during the last three years. OSI Group, the industry leader in chicken products, wants to keep its position in the industry and be prepared for the surge in demand.

The OSI Group production facility in Spain has been making efforts to improve its chicken production output by adding a state of the art high capacity production facility. The production facility located in Toledo, Spain completed its project in 2017 and spent 17 million Euros to get it done. Before the expansion, the Spain plant produced up to 12,000 tons of chicken products, now that number has almost doubled.

The new construction that OSI Group invested in, has created 22,600 square feet of working space and complete with a new production hall. New facilities have also been created. Such as supplies storage, shipping and receiving, refrigerated rooms for waste container storage, service areas, hot water and nitrogen tanks and a social area for employees. Additionally, there is a testing kitchen so that product development managers can work on developing or improving products.

In addition to its new designs the facility has added a new security system including indoor and outdoor cameras. A new firefighting system is also included to better improve safety.

OSI Food Solution of Spain anticipates that the company will have the capacity to produce up to 45,000 tons of chicken, beef and pork products annually. The new facility doesn’t only benefit the company, but also benefits the local economy by adding 20 additional new jobs. The COO of OSI Group, David McDonald, believes that the expansion will give the company a chance to expand using innovative methods that will attract new clients. Mr. McDonald is also pleased that the company has created more job opportunities for the community.


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