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OSI Group-From Shame to Fame

The food industry never runs out of demand considering human beings cannot live without food. Perhaps that is why the company has grown from a small business to corporate business the Group is a private company that deals with meat processors that supply food in the world. The company has witnessed success within a short period and is an equal employer in the job market.

The Company’s Brief Overview

The company was founded by Otto Kolschowsky, who was a member of the booming German-immigrant community in Chicago, Illinois. The German Immigrants were moving to Chicago to do farming in the 20th century. After arriving in the city in 1909, Otto started small retail meat market and butcher shop for the people in the community. After a decade he expanded business away from Chicago to Maywood. When the company continued growing, it was renamed Otto & Sons in 1928.

Otto &Sons Merges with McDonald’s restaurant in 1955

At the begging of postwar, Otto& sons agreed with McDonald’s Restaurant started by Ray Kroc to supply meat to the restaurant. But before he started the OSI Group company, was initially owned by a couple: Richard and Maurice who had the idea in 1940. Ray Kroc become the CEO of the restaurant, and the Otto &sons became the significant suppliers of meat to the restaurant.

How Did They Become OSI Group?

McDonald’s Restaurant was growing fast and its model to provide consistent products demanded the supplies also to produce products that could be transported on a long-distance. This led to a technological breakthrough at otto&sons to flash freeze meat and food with liquid nitrogen.

In 1973.Otto& sons build a plant to produce meat specifically for McDonald’s restaurant. But because of the technological advancement, they were able to provide the surplus for other restaurants. They changed the name from otto&sons to OSI Group in 1975.

OSI Group Goes International

MacDonald’s restaurant was opening branches in other countries, and the company had to follow suit. They had to open more offices in other countries to continue supplying meat to the restaurant. The international sector required someone who knew how to negotiate and invest. Lavin was chosen to be the CEO and chairman of the company in the 1980s

The company has not only centered on McDonald’s restaurant as its primary customer but also supplied food to other industries making it one of the largest companies in the United States ranked 58 on Forbes with a sale of 6.1 billion.

The is continuing to grow globally from France to Europe and China with the constant supply of protein products.

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