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The Purpose Behind Making More Money: Jim Hunt Provides Expertise from VTA Publications

It is common for people to want to make more money. However, what is not so common is the reasons behind it. It is important for people to figure out their motivations for making more money so that they will be more encouraged to pursue their goals on Without the right grasp of their motivation, they will be more likely to fail in their attempts at making more money. […]

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Mike Baur Understands The Digital Business World

One of the most common topics of discussion in the business world is the difference between the brick and mortar business world and the digital business world. While both sides of the business world have many benefits, the digital world has come about to give benefits that can be recognized in collaboration with brick and mortar business operations. However, the digital side can be used separately from the brick and […]

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Scenic Spots for Wedding Photos

Beautiful couples will want to have their wedding photographs taken in scenic locations. If you are having trouble deciding where to get your photos taken, then consider these suggestions. Crater Lake National Park Located close to Portland, Oregon, the isolated Crater Lake National Park makes a beautiful place for wedding photos. Having your photos taken at a high elevation allows you to use the crystal-clear lake as your backdrop. Using […]

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