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Robert Santiagos Incredible Contribution Of The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall

Robert Santiago is a well-respected and prominent Brazilian businessman. He is well known as the owner of the largest shopping mall in the state of Paraiba. His mall has been ranked as one the biggest malls anywhere in the country. Mr. Santiago is 58 years of age and has fulfilled the dream of setting up an incredibly successful business that will take care of many generations in the future. His hard work has many rewards. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

Mr. Santiago’s career started when he was a writer. His knowledge about his country is quite expansive and he used it to begin a blog. The articles he wrote were catchy and he earned a reputation for his insights and knowledge. He also has above average skills in production and directing. Mr. Roberto Santiago is a successful entrepreneur although his biggest accomplishment is the Manaira Shopping Center.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall opened in 1989. It was built in the State of Paraiba, Brazil. Due to the location in the center of Joao Pessoa, it is easy to access for most of the city’s residents. The mall has everything anyone could want regarding art, clothes, general merchandise, food and entertainment.

Most of the urban dwellers in Paraiba choose to shop in Manaira. They spend some time, have a lot of fun and enjoy a few delicacies. The mall features movie theatres, gardens, bars, bowling alleys, food courts and restaurants. The mall is so large it is about the same size as a small city. The mall also houses banks, a college and all the necessities for life.

The entertainment hub is what draws so many people to the mall. The movie theatre boasts eleven theaters featuring technological advancements and entertainment that is state of the art. The movie theatre also provides a bar service and incredible snacks including ice cream, candy and popcorn. People come to enjoy all of the benefits offered and enjoy their favorite movies.

The soul of this extraordinary mall is Domus Hall. Entertainment is at its very best in this enormous hall capable of accommodating 8,000 individuals. The hall is usually used for exhibitions, live concerts and cultural festivals. For anyone interested in learning about the culture of Brazil this is the place to be.

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  1. Like Santiago, we need to think very well before opening any business. We need to put into consideration the site and location of the business and and the mode of accessibility. These were things Santiago put into consideration making his business look as if it is a RushEssay in a land filled with low economy. He also put forth effort, using all the skills he has acquired as an entrepreneur and a writer all together, giving him an edge above others.