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Sweetgreen: Revolutionizing an Industry

With the health revolution going on these days, every restaurant chain is reinventing its image. They all want to appear more health conscious and focused on using only the freshest ingredients.

While the process might take longer for larger corporate food chains, for newer chains like Sweetgreen, it’s part of their foundation.

Sweetgreen is what every original legacy restaurant wishes it could be. Sweetgreen is backed by numerous big-name investors; all of which like the way the company’s reinventing food chains. Sweetgreen focuses on building up communities as much as offering healthy and organic salads. To date, Sweetgreen has 40 locations nationwide.

Sweetgreen’s success is based on more than just their fresh ingredients. Founded by three Georgetown University graduates, Sweetgreen is a modern restaurant.

The three co-founders met in an entrepreneurship class where they learned the benefits of using technology properly. Almost 30 percent of Sweetgreen’s transactions happen through its website or app.

Sweetgreen is also reinventing the way management operates. Too often, management loses it connection with customers. To solve that, Sweetgreen closes its offices and requires that everyone work in one of its restaurants. It’s their way of keeping everyone close to their customers.

Management is a big issue at Sweetgreen, but it doesn’t take precedence over customer satisfaction. With that being said, their approach to management is about decentralizing their headcount.

They want to avoid the big corporate headquarters and move toward a more flexible and agile system of team building. It’s something they learned from their parents, who are also business owners.

Sweetgreen was the first health option in Georgetown at that time. It wasn’t clear whether the company would survive, but they did. In an interview, they talked about how excited they were that they made it through their first winter break on campus.

People seem to be responding very well to Sweetgreen. It’s getting more than just corporate recognition. People love being able to have healthy, satisfying options for the same price as a burger meal.

The salads served at Sweetgreen are customer-designed right in front of the customer. Sweetgreen is bringing shame to places like Chipotles.

Nathaniel Ru contributes the success of the chain to its employees. It takes a lot of work to start a company from scratch, and the restaurant business is a difficult place to take risks.


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