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The Excellent Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins shares a lot of characteristics with Jack Terpins who is his father. The two individuals have become successful in entrepreneurship. Further, they have been passionate about the sporting activities. Rodrigo Terpins has been able to venture into the rally driving. This is evident in the various competitions in which he has participated in Brazil. Jack, on the other hand, has participated in the basketball since he was young.

Rodrigo’s father played for the Hebraica basketball. Jack Terpins has also invested in the real estate. Further, he was able to shield young individuals with an interest in sports in his community. Rodrigo led the whole community in matters regarding sports. Jack Terpins has also been the director of sports for the Hebrews president.

Jack Terpins, who is Rodrigo’s father, has volunteered in many positions. The Jewish council in the Latin America has experienced his services. The Maccabi Confederation, and the World Union, too has had his services where he served as the president and the vice president in both cases. Rodrigos has demonstrated excellent qualities such as being passionate, committed, and dedicated to his work.

These attributes have enabled him to be successful in the car rally. Rodrigo Terpins has been able to found the Bull Sertoes alongside his brother who is his partner in the team. Rodrigo has participated in very many competitions thus has a versatile experience in the rally business. Rodrigo and his brother have won in the main competitions that were being held in Brazil.

The most important that Rodrigo Terpins has participated include the T1 where he has participated in the prototype category. This enabled him to emerge position the seventh during the rally. The competition was the 22nd for the Sertoes rally. Rodrigo covered the whole seven stages that constituted 2600 kilometers. For more details visit LinkedIn.

The 22nd edition involved two states enabling it to be the largest rally to be held in Brazil. Rodrigo Terpins qualified to be among the top five teams in the rally. Thirty- eight competitors were enrolled in the whole rally and Rodrigo emerged the eight individual. The duo utilized the 326 vehicles and the results were amazing.

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