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The Power of Jeunesse’s Incredible Youth Enhancement System

Jeunesse is a revolutionary beauty and wellness company that is making waves all over the beauty industry. The company had been around since 2009, but it seems that in the past several years it has gone from a boutique line to the talk of the beauty and wellness industry. From magazines, to bloggers, to top Instagram sensations, it seems that everyone has a review to give on Jeunesse – and what’s even better – the reviews are great.

The Story of Jeunesse

The company was originally founded by successfully retired entrepreneurs, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The story of the founding of the company is absolutely precious and is a testament to the duo’s belief in the lasting success of the company they were creating. The number nine has been known throughout history to represent the power of longevity. With that in mind, Jeunesse was officially established on September 9th, 2009 and exactly 9pm. The number nine has paid off well. Today the company is a global entity with thousands of team members throughout various continents who are promoting the power of Jeunesse and its revolutionary Y.E.S. line of products that are one of the first lines to truly work in sync to allow you to be your best self.

The Famous Y.E.S. System by Jeunesse

You may be asking what exactly does Y.E.S. entail. Y.E.S. stands for the Youth Enhancement System. Unlike many products that are recommended to work together to achieve results. Y.E.S. has been carefully curated and crafted to be a full system that will not only draw beauty to the outside, but will promote overall health on the inside.

The nine products that culminate to create Y.E.S. by Jeunesse are as follows:

  • Luminesce: Designed to Rejuvenate
  • RESERVE: Created to defend the skin
  • Instantly Ageless: Made to diminish blemishes and lines
  • FINITI: Crafted to restore from the inside out
  • AM & PM Essentials: Designed to nourish from day to night
  • ZEN BODI: Made to get fit
  • Nevo: Crafted to energize
  • NV: The purest line of beauty products
  • MIND: Designed for mindfulness

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