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Todd Lubar: Passion Equals Success

Everyone thinks they know the way to success. There are countless instructional and inspiration books on how to succeed in any industry. In truth, not a single one of the books has the real answer. The simple truth is that every successful business professional made it to the top in their own way; regardless of race, gender, and social and economic background.

In that sense, Todd Lubar is just another successful businessman. While Lubar fits in the category of “ordinary success” story, his career is far from ordinary. His path to TDL Ventures is more exciting than anyone else’s story.

His story begins at Crestar Mortgage Corporation; he served as a loan originator. His performance matched the quality work he completed, but his true interest was conservative mortgage banking. After leaving Crestar, he joined Legacy Financial Group. He played a huge role in growing the company’s Maryland office.

His time with Legacy Financial was not wasted. Immediately following his departure from the company, he entered the entrepreneurial game. He started his first real estate and built it into one of the top commercial real estate firms in the nation. He had a knack for getting projects done in a timely manner.

He eventually entered other industries, including the demolition, nightclub, and recycling industries, reveals After spending 20 years in finance and credit, he rejoined the industry with Charter Funding. As much as he loved working in new businesses, his gift has always been finance and banking.

Even though he doesn’t consider it a talent, hard work is a big part of his career. Staying dedicated and focused on getting the job done keeps him moving forward. It’s important to him that he knows everything that’s going on with his company. It’s sort of like his business mantra.

Looking forward, Todd is excited about the possibility of new blood joining the company. Every year, more people decided to chase their dreams; and being able to help the people of Baltimore – whether it’s a job or a loan – makes Todd happy.

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